Fairies also known as(Fea,Fay,Feary,Fenordree,wee folk,good folk,fair folk,people of peace,the old people,Ellyon,alein,ect.) are magical creatures that come in all sizes. When people think of fairies they think of tiny creatures with wings. But the not always true. There are all types of fairies that come in many different sizes. Examples(Pixies,Elves,Nymphs,Dryads,Banshee,Brownies,Gnomes,Goblins,Leprechans,Merpeople,Valkyries,Trolls,Dwarves,Imps,Guardians,and many more.) There are both good and bad fairies. Bad fairies such as Goblins are tricksters and use powers for evil. Some say fairies have live in another world from us but fairies are still on earth to visit and watch over us. Many people say this world is Fairy world. But some fairies may just stay on earth to protect the lands and sea.Woods and forest are very poplur places fairies are in our world. But some, such as merpeople live in water. Some people think fairies are very weak creatures, but they are not at all. Fairies have lots of powers to protect themselves and others. Fairies are said to be very beautiful creatures the spread goodness and life and are very kindhearted.

Fairy blood is said to be intoxicating to creatures who feed on blood and meat(vampires,werecreatures,possibly reptilians, and others). A guardian fairies blood is very intoxicating to them also because not only does it have fairy blood but has mano spacian blood.

Fairy/human Hybrids:Some claim they are Fairy/human hybrids. Which could be true because some fairies are as big as humans such as Nymphs and Elves for example. Also fairies were more common in out world during the times of the Middle Ages which is when they were most written about. So fairies that looked like humans may have lived among the people of the Middle Ages. This may mean that fairys breeded with humans to make fairy/human hybrids and which means fairy/human hybrids exsist today.Fairy/Human hybrids would not have all the weaknesses and powers of full blooded fairies.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Flight: Some fairies have wings so they can fly,others dont have wings so they use magic to fly,some dont fly at all.

Glamour: Fairies use illusions to camoflauge there apperance, the most common is making themselves look like bugs.

Healing: Fairies are known to heal humans,animals,and other fairies in need of aid.

Teleporting: Fairies can teleport from our world to fairy world, they may be able to teleport in our world.

Telepathy: Have the power to read minds.

Photokinesis: The power to munipulate light into powerful blast,light illusions, and invisability.

Zapping/flash: Emitted a powerful blast from ther body to protect themselves and others.

Oneirokinesis(Dream Infiltration): Known to enter dreams of fairy/human hybrids and normal humans.

Chloropathy: Can sense and speak to plants.

Language:Fairies can speak any language.

Longativity: Fairies are known to live 100-3000 years some may be immortal.

Supernatural Knowledge: Fairies are much older and smarter than humans and some other supernatural creatures.

Superhuman Durability: Fairies can put up with a lot more trauma then any normal human being.

Empathy: Can sense emotions of humans,animals, and plants.

Clairvoyance: Fairies may have this power since they can sense and use energy.

Nature Channeling: Fairies have the power to channel nature, this power is common among the fairy/human hybrids.


Iron: It can weaken or kill them                                                                                                                            NOTE: Some fairies akin to the earth can be inmune to iron.

Fire: Some fairies can be weak to fire.

Witch Hazel: Can break fea glamor.


Summerland, Faeiry or fae land is the place where the fae live. It is difficult to understand, but you c ould say it's in another plane. There were many portals connecting the Earth and the Summerla

nd during the Middle Ages, but becuase of obvious reasons, most portals have closed and just a few remain today. Time in Summerland is completely different to the one we feel, hence many fairies can't tell you how old they are, since time is something trivial to them. One day in Summerland could equal 20 years in the Earth, but a night in Summerland could be less than a second in our world. To find these gates to the fae land might take you years, but it's possible to find some open, mostly around the woods.Another way you can enter the fae land is if you find a fairy ring.
Fairy ring

Fairy ring :3

Fairy rings are circles of mushrooms, flowers or darker grass that grow naturally. It is said that these are made when fairies dance in circles, and since the place they dance in gets filled with their magick, it is possible to enter the realm through one of this.