The Jersey Devil(also known as The New Jersey Devil,The Leeds Devil) is a creatures the inhabits The Pine Barrens of New Jersey. It is described of having a head of a horse(sometimes a dog or deer head). Sh arped claws and hoofed feet. Having fur and horns(some say as a goat or of a deer), and a forked tail and large bat like wings. Its is very powerful and is said to not be harmed by weapons. There is also many stories of how the creature was born. The most popular being that mother Leeds about to have her 13th child and she wished it to be a devil, and it turned out to be one. That happened in 1735, and sightings still occur today. There was also a lot of witchcraft going on during the times of the 1700s so that could also be why The Jersey Devil was born.The Jersey Devil is listed as a cryptid

What is the Jersey Devil: Nobody is sure what it is. It is a unexplained entity, possible demon,cryptid

Powers and abilities

Superhuman Strength

Jersey devil 1

Superhuman Speed


Aerial Agility

Invulnerable to weapons or harm

Sharp wings(known to cut down trees)

may posses other supernatural powers

Jersey devil 2