A Werewolf also known as Lycan is a shapeshifting creature that shifts into a wolf. My friend at P.A.C.C(Paranormal Animal Creatures Control) has seen many werewolves. He has told me that they look like a a wolf/human hybrid when the shift. But I have also heard stories from others saying the werewolves just turn into normal wolves. Werewolves are very strong creatures and are stronger than humans and normal wolves. They have very large claws and teeth and they have enhanced senses and speed. Some say that Werewolves can


not help shifting or have the true wolf in them revealed on a full moon. Another way of shifing that werewolves hace is the mental one. With this, they can change thir mind to that of a wolf and gain their traits temporarly. 

Diet: Can eat all human food but prefer meat.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shapeshifting: Can shift into wolf form

Enhanced Speed: Very fast

Enhanced Senses: Their senses are very keen

Enhanced Strength: Very Strong


Being shot (does not have to be silver bullet)

Silver (can weaken them)

Breaking neck (die if you break there neck)

Witch curses and spells (some witches have werewolf spells that can weaken,kill, or strengthen a werewolf)